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Rich User Experiences



This week’s pattern, Rich User Experiences, is another important topic as user experience is what determines whether or not users will continue to use the particular application or ditch it for good.

As discussed in the lecture, there are plenty of alternatives for Rich User Experiences.

A particular framework I wanted to look at however, is HTML5. HTML5 is one of the newer technologies used to create powerful web based applications. Just like any other framework, HTML5 has already been used to create a wide range of applications – whether it be for productivity, design & development, educational purposes and the list goes on.

An example of HTML5-powered web applications I wanted to share was the design tools created by Aviary.

Aviary has created simple and powerful creative online tools, so that anyone can have a seamless editing experience via web and mobile apps.

Aviary provides an image editor, audio editor, colour editor, vector editor, music creator and much more. Basically, Aviary would be a low cost, online alternative to the Adobe Creative Suite. Although Aviary hasn’t quite made it to being the number 1 application by professional designers and creatives alike, Aviary still proves to be quite powerful for something easily accessed online.

Being a web based application, this means that users are able to access their work from any location around the world – with internet access, of course.

So why is Aviary successful? Because their tools are helpful AND of course, their interface is user-friendly. There is no overuse of technology and everything is kept simple.

Web based applications have come a long way and certainly prove to be a huge success, but in relation to the question – “Is the Desktop Dead?” … I personally don’t believe it is.

Yes – web based applications are great for collaborating and accessing online, but relying on something that has the potential to change/upgrade without going back, I don’t think I would primarily use it for ‘major’ tasks. As an example, although Aviary has great creative tools, I would  still want to stick to using the Adobe Creative Suite (for intensive projects). I think stability would be the main issue, as once you’ve purchased one version of an Adobe software, it will then be only your choice to upgrade / downgrade. There is also the perk of being able to work offline – especially if you’re in remote areas without data connection.


7 comments on “Rich User Experiences

  1. njl1991
    March 31, 2012

    Great post on our topic for the week, your opening text is rather good, i agree a rich user experience is the first aspect i look for on a website I am looking to use for an extended period of time. This Aviary site provides a great set of services for image editing and they are all online too!. It is so much easier having something online where you don’t have to worry about installing software on multiple machines just so you can read the files from your dropbox or other storage device. I posted this week about YouTube, it provides similar services but they obviously revolve around video editing instead. I think there is a growing demand for this type of technology and we are sure to see it more and more in the future. I still love my desktop and the fact that i can run pretty much any editing software on it without the worry of it being too slow so i do agree that the desktop is not dead and nor will it become extinct in the near future.

  2. laurencemccabe
    March 31, 2012

    NIce post. I have noticed that there are some useful video editing online applications. As video editing relies a lot on power and processing speed which is independent from an internet connection, I am still inclined to say that desktop solutions are the better choice. However, Aviary does provide many different options for editing that you do not get offline. Including sharing and combining videos, which I like.

    • cherizza.almario
      April 1, 2012

      Yes I think these applications are great for personal, recreational use… and as you say, video editing does involve a lot of grunt from a computer

  3. wenjiacecilia
    April 1, 2012

    Thanks for your post provides me a understanding about how Aviary works. It definitely provides a comprehensive applications for users with Rich User Experiences. But do you think it can replace the desktop applications nowadays? Thanks.

    • cherizza.almario
      April 1, 2012

      Thanks for commenting – as I mentioned, I don’t think these web applications will completely replace desktop applications. I think the main reason is for stability – especially for professionals.

  4. akklam2011
    April 4, 2012

    Wow this is an impressive post, I’ve not heard of aviary before until I’ve read your post. Its definitely a lot more advanced than Pixlr of which I use often. What I like most about it is it’s driven by html5, which is a format that I believe will get more popular in future, especially for tablets. I’m definitely going to use it and see what’s its like for my photography and audio editing needs. Check out my blog, which talks about Pixlr

  5. janithd1
    April 6, 2012

    Good post. Aviary is one of the good app which gives customer to share and combines the videos.

    Keep it up the good work


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